Video Description:  An overview of Person-Centered Planning Coaching for Transition Specialists.

Date:  4/14/2022

Author:  Lead presenter, Tami Loya, Education & Outreach Director of the Open Doors (MFP) Transition Center Project at NYAIL

Webinar Recording:  Person-Centered Planning Coaching webinar recording

Presentation Description: Open Doors (MFP) Transition Center Project Nurse Laura Bingell, RN outlines what we need to know about infection control.

Further your knowledge and awareness of
• Hand hygiene, cough etiquette
• How disease spreads
• Vaccines
• Use of gloves and masks
And be able to educate your consumers.

Date: 3/15/2022 (Revised)

Author: Open Doors (MFP) Transition Center Project Nurse, Laura Bingell, RN.

Presentation Slides: What You Need to Know About Infection Control (PPTX)

Presentation Slides with Audio and Captions in Slide Descriptions: Universal Precautions Open Doors Training (PPTX)


Video Description:  The Money Follows the Person Quality of Life Survey (QoL) was designed to measure quality of life in seven domains: living situation, choice and control, access to personal care, respect/dignity, community integration/inclusion, overall life satisfaction, and health status.  The target population for the survey includes people with disabilities and long0term illnesses who are transitioning from institutionalized care to a setting in the community.  This webinar reviews the survey.

Date:  7/30/2019

Author:  Presented by Laurie Carter, Social Work Coordinator, Open Doors (MFP) Transition Center Project

Presentation Slides: #65 QoL Guidance 2019 (PDF)

QoL Training 7/30/2019 (PowerPoint)

Webinar Recording:  Quality of Life Survey Webinar 7/30/2019

Video Description: This training describes the Olmstead Housing Subsidy and how it can help to house participants looking to leave nursing homes, or who were in a nursing home within the past 24 months. The training reviews ways to look for units for participants seeking accessible housing. During the training we review resources used, develop an understanding of Fair Market Rate (FMR), and how to build relationships in the community with landlords. 

Date: 07/18/17

Author: Hosted by NYAIL, presented by Valerie Brennan- Olmstead Housing Subsidy, Program Manager

Presentation Slides: Housing Fundamentals Training (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Housing Fundamentals Webinar 2017-07-18

Video Description: This training will provide transition specialists with an overview of types of abuse and neglect as well as their responsibilities when they become aware of possible abuse or neglect. This training is mandatory for all transition specialists. Transition specialists should notify their regional lead upon completion of this training.

Date: 05/21/2015

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Suzanne de Beaumont, Project Director of the MFP Transition Center Project.

Presentation Slides: OPWDD Abuse and Neglect Training (PDF)

Webinar Recording: OPWDD Abuse and Neglect Training 2015-05-21