NYAIL works with ILCs to ensure the rights of all individuals with disabilities are protected, through individual advocacy, legislative and administrative systemic advocacy, grassroots organizing and, when necessary, direct action aimed at focusing the attention of decision-makers on the voice of people with disabilities who are impacted by their decisions.

Through our work with individuals, ILCs identify the pressure points and the need for systemic changes throughout disability service systems. For decades, New York's ILCs have successfully advocated for major systemic changes throughout disability service systems that have helped the state to advance policies of community integration and move people with disabilities from institutions and other segregated settings to the community, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Supreme Court's Olmstead decision.

Almost a quarter century has passed since the Americans with Disabilities Act became law, but too many New Yorkers with disabilities still face daunting barriers daily. It is imperative that ILCs receive the support they need in order to continueproviding services. A little goes a long way: For every dollar invested, ILCs are able to raise an additional nine dollars to help people with disabilities. Please support your local ILC, whetherit be financially, or by getting involved in their efforts in the community.


  • Advocacy Priorities - Check here for NYAIL’s Budget and Public Policy Disability Priority Agendas (DPAs), memos of support, public testimony, and other policy materials.

  • Action Alerts - NYAIL issues action alerts on issues of critical importance to the disability rights community in New York State. View this page to learn how you can get involved.

  • Public Policy Committees - NYAIL’s public policy subcommittees identify priorities and help set NYAIL’s legislative and budget priorities for the year.

  • Additional Resources - Check here for reports relevant to the disability community and other useful data on people with disabilities.