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Capitol Protest: March 7, 2017- Disability Advocates from across the State Protested Governor Cuomo; Charged he is "Turning the Clock Back" on Community Integration.[read more]

UBER Letter NYAIL urges the State to require ride-sharing companies to offer accessible service. [read more]

The Olmstead Housing Subsidy (OHS) began August 1st and is now processing housing subsidies. [read more]

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NYAIL strengthens local independent living centers, serves as the foundation for a strong statewide network, and is a leader in the civil rights movement for all people with disabilities.

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Open Doors (MFP)

The New York Association on Independent Living, Inc. (NYAIL) is partnered with Independent Living Centers across the State to provide the Open Doors (MFP) Transition Center and Peer Outreach & Referral programs. This project, funded by the Department of Health as part of the federal MFP demonstration, is designed to help Medicaid eligible individuals living in nursing homes return to the community. It also assists individuals with developmental disabilities living in large group homes and institutions (Intermediate Care Facilities and Developmental Centers) transition to smaller community settings or more integrated community programs. Over 40 Transition Specialists located at ILCs across the state will be available to assist in transition planning. To ensure success, individuals who have already transitioned from institutional settings to the community will be available to provide in-person peer support to individuals and family members interested in the program.

For more information about the Open Doors (MFP) program, [click here]

For more information about the Open Doors (MFP) Transition Center, [click here].

For more information about the Peer Outreach & Referral program, [click here].

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